Pupils at Reigate Grammar School (RGS) threw themselves into challenges and events which raised thousands of pounds for a cause helping people affected by some of the world’s oldest and most neglected diseases.

The youngsters in the school's first year raised more than £4,260 for the international charity, Lepra.

They did it by organising and carrying out a range of sponsored events which included cycling, unicycling and a 'Zumbathon' dance session.

Caroline Lawson, RGS head of lower school, said: “RGS began supporting Lepra about ten years ago.”

She said: “We feel it is such a worthwhile cause and that it is good for our pupils, many of whom come from rather a privileged area, to give something back to those who are less privileged than them. “Our pupils always thoroughly enjoy the Zumbathon, and they love coming up with different ways to raise money.”

She added: “We hope to support Lepra for many more years to come.”

Anna Ansted, Lepra community fundraiser, said: “It was a privilege to talk to the students about Lepra and how they could make a difference and change people’s lives.”

She said: “They came up with some really inventive fundraising ideas, including unicycling, running a mile in a tiger onesie, wearing a hat for three days, shoe shining and going in the stocks.”

She said: “Last year, Lepra changed the lives of more than 400,000 people and provided health education to a further 900,000 in India and Bangladesh.

“Our work is just scratching the surface of need and we really appreciate this donation so that we can do more.”

Lepra works with many schools and community groups to raise awareness about neglected tropical diseases and people marginalised by society.

Website: www.lepra.org.uk