A Redhill slimmers' champion's work has been praised as no laughing matter by top comedian and TV presenter Paddy McGuinness.

Paul Glass, who manages Slimming World groups in Redhill, met the acclaimed funnyman when he co-hosted the Slimming World Awards with the organisation’s chairman and founder, Margaret Miles-Bramwell OBE. Paddy, who shot to fame in Channel 4 comedy Phoenix Nights alongside school friend Peter Kay, said: “I have to admit the most I knew about Slimming World before the awards was a gag in Peter’s routine that refers to Slimming World as being £1 cheaper than its competitors!”

He added: “Jokes aside, I was genuinely amazed to hear about what a difference people like Paul, who run and manage Slimming World groups, make to people’s lives.

“ At the ceremony I met lots of people who’d lost incredible amounts of weight and it had totally changed their lives. “Every single one of them told me that they couldn’t have done it without the support of their Slimming World group.”

Paddy continued: “Before I started working in comedy I was a fitness instructor, so I know how important it is to look after yourself, but equally, I know it’s not always easy to motivate yourself. “So, having the right help and support to keep you on track really is invaluable.”

Paul said meeting Paddy at the event, which was held at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre, was the cherry on the top of a great year for Slimming World.

He said: “Obviously, the most important thing of all is that our members have lost weight and improved their health throughout 2013, and we’re so proud of all of our members – many of them have achieved their target weights and been able do things they never thought possible before slimming down, including doing more with their families, taking up new hobbies, reducing medication, or simply fitting in smaller-sized clothes.”

He added: “And they’re helping their entire family to eat more healthily too. “But as well as seeing stonking success on the scales, we’ve had a lot of fun throughout the year too – we’ve held parties in group, raised money for charity and members have cheered each other on with every step of their weight-loss journey.”

For more details call 0844 897 8000 or visit: www.slimmingworld.com