BANSTEAD VILLAGE Elected: Lynne Rosemary Hack (C) 1,434, Not elected: Anthony Neville Graham Atkinson (UKIP) 308, Samuel David Lowe (G) 158, Rohitha Manimeldura Mendis (LD) 262.

CHIPSTEAD, HOOLEY AND WOODMANSTERNE Elected: John Michael Stephenson (C) 1,464, Not elected: Moray William Macleoud Carey (LD) 378, Andrew Pettigrew (UKIP) 162.

EARLSWOOD AND WHITEBUSHES Elected: Paul Hutchison (Con: Stop the Hospital Cuts) 848, Not elected: Ashley Stuart Banks (G) 116, Robert James Fromant (L) 317, Peter John Lambell (LD) 593, Stephen Philip Smith (UKIP) 169.

HORLEY CENTRAL Elected: Andrew Mark Lynch (C) 877, Not elected: Janice Fraser Gall (UKIP) 290, Linda Jane Mabbett (L) 255, Geoffrey Lawrence Southall (LD) 307.

HORLEY WEST Elected: Michael John Miller (C) 855, Not elected: Simon John Bonsor (LD) 310, Denese Lee BrookeHarte (UKIP) 328, Rosemary Ann Norgrove (L) 166.

KINGSWOOD WITH BURGH HEATH Elected: Ros Mill (C) 1,221, Not elected: Yvonne Larg (UKIP) 248, Leonie Patricia Lockhart (LD) 254.

MEADVALE AND ST. JOHN'S Elected: Graham Leslie Norman (LD) 1,197, Not elected: Deirdre Davidson Hicks (UKIP) 192, Kent Martin Paul Massey (C) 809.

MERSTHAM Elected: Raj Rampertab (C) 888, Not elected: Steve Keith Oddy (LD) 786, Gerry O Dwyer (L) 175, Elizabeth Mary Parker (UKIP) 224, Peter Phillips (BNP) 228, Drummond James Richardson (G) 87.

NORK Elected: Michael John Selby (Nork RA) 1,420, Not elected: Paul Edward Tweedale (C) 516.

PRESTON Elected: Fran Dixon (L) 191, Not elected: Alice Sarah Burrell (C) 178, Brian Horne (Ind) 157.

REDHILL EAST Elected: Daniel Leonard James Poulter (C) 776, Not elected: John Berge (L) 256, Michael Anthony Burrows (LD) 291, Jonathan Christopher St. Aubyn Essex (G) 416, Joseph Brian Fox (UKIP) 158.

REDHILL WEST Elected: Julian Marc Ellacott (C) 1,113, Not elected: Stuart Gosling (L) 367, Timothy Howard Pearson (UKIP) 225, Gemma Roulston (LD) 424.

REIGATE CENTRAL Elected: Steve Farrer (C) 865, Not elected: Katie Drysdale (LD) 666, Jane Dunsmuir (L) 107, Mark Philip Ingram (G) 105, Christopher Thomas Henry Whinney (Ind) 525.

SALFORDS AND SIDLOW Elected: Dorothy Anne Ross-Tomlin (C) 439, Not elected: Timothy Francis Joseph Brooke-Harte (UKIP) 84, Jane Louise Eyles (Ind) 128, Chris Howell (LD) 73, Richard James Stow (L) 63.

SOUTH PARK AND WOODHATCH Elected: Carol Poulter (C) 926, Not elected: Patricia Ann Johnson (L) 352, Anthony John Lambell (LD) 313, Emma McAuliffe (G) 179.

TADWORTH AND WALTON Elected: Mike Buttery (C) 1,304, Not elected: Peter Alan Bartram (LD) 388, Robert Edward Cambridge (UKIP) 266.

TATTENHAMS Elected: Nick Harrison (Tattenhams RA) 1,065, Not elected: Janice Barbara McCullock (LD) 86, Keith Francis Witham (Con: Stop the Hospital Cuts) 673.

KEY: BNP, British National Party; C, Conservative; G, Green; Ind, Independent; L, Labour; LD, Liberal Democrat; RA, Residents Association; UKIP, UK Independence Party.