Burstow Primary School in Smallfield is among the first schools to be the focus of a new safety team-up between local police and the borough council.

Tandridge Neighbourhood police officers have visited the school in Wheelers Lane with the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council Parking Enforcement team under a newly-launched scheme to help parents make the journey to school safer and easier.

The initiative was launched by the Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood team and the council's Parking Enforcement team in response to an increase in reported parking and safety worries from schools, local residents and parents.

As well as Burstow Primary, the teams have visited schools in the Whyteleafe and Warlingham areas, and will be carrying out further joint visits to schools around Tandridge over the next few months. All the schools will receive follow-up visits to make sure that concerns have been addressed and good practice maintained.

Drivers are being reminded of school safety measures including enforceable 'School Keep Clear' zones with zig-zags either side, where drivers should not stop, even to pick up or drop off children, and double and single yellow lines to keep the routes into and out of schools free of obstructions for vehicles, pedestrians, school crossing patrols, taxi ranks and bus stops.

Drivers are also being reminded not to park in an obstructive manner, such as on footpaths or verges, pedestrian crossings or their white zig-zag markings, or in dangerous positions such as at a junction or on a bend.

All such parking issues are enforceable by way of fixed penalty notices of between £30 and £100 where necessary.

Moira Cocks, Tandridge Neighbourhood Specialist Officer, said: "It is hoped that by sharing local information and visiting school areas at relevant times, drivers will become better educated and more aware of the current parking regulations, so that they park safely and legally. “This should help reduce inconsiderate and dangerous parking and make the areas safer for all road-users.”

For more information visit the Drive SMART website at: http://www.drivesmartsurrey.org.uk/media-and-publicity-campaigns/park-smart/