East Surrey's main London to Brighton road, the A23, has been “named and shamed” as one of the ten worst roads in Britain.

The A23 at Redhill has been ranked as ninth worst highway in the rundown of roads to avoid in the UK by WeLoveAnyCar.com , the motorists' site which has the UK’s largest car review database, with the reviews and opinions of more than 500,000 motorists.

According to the table, the A23 at Redhill is worse by one place than the A259 at Bexhill, but ranks better than the eight other roads, which include the A500 at Newcastle Under Lyme, the A24 at Worthing, the A33 at Basingstoke and the A259 at Brighton.

The worst road in Britain, according to the chart, is the A52 Brian Clough Way at Nottingham, followed in descending order by the A61 from Barnsley to the M1, the A404 from Maidenhead to the M4, and the A63 south of Hull.

The motorists' site said it put the table together after analysing new Government statistics for “on-time” car journeys.

The site said it wanted to inform drivers what roads to avoid.

In its release, WeLoveAnyCar.com stated: “The Department of Transport state that their ‘on-time’ car figures are experimental and are being tested, but the data goes back to March 2011. “Over 2000 stretches of road have been regularly monitored and the DoT is looking for users of the data to give feedback to improve their reliability and use.”

Stressing the importance of local road networks with cautionary words which, in relation to the A23, also have ramifications for the Gatwick Diamond business zone, the site highlighted Brighton, Worthing and Bexhill in the table, stating: “The inward investment organisation for Brighton, Brighton For Business, tells potential investors that ‘Getting Around is Easy’ on its website, and boasts of great transport links.

“However, with one of the most clogged roads in the UK, businesses moving to the area would be wise to plan their location carefully and avoid the hot spots. “Worthing and Bexhill are also on the list of most clogged roads in the UK and transport authorities in the South are being urged to rethink their traffic management plans to encourage business and provide a better quality of life.”

The site stated that its findings had revealed the best road in Britain as being the A11 between A1101 and the A14 in East Anglia, which it said had achieved 100% “on time” conditions in January 2014. However, it added, “even on this small quiet stretch of road, roadworks have been announced and local drivers will face delays.”

WeLoveAnyCar.com is ultimately owned by BCA, Europe's largest car re-marketing company.

Website: www.weloveanycar.com