If all the reusable sofas and beds that were thrown away in Surrey last year were laid end to end, they would snake up and down Box Hill ten times.

That was the surprising fact stressed by Surrey County Council this week, as it aimed to encourage the re-use of more furniture.

The council added that the line snaking up and down Box Hill would contain 25,000 pieces of furniture and stretch for 30 miles. The council stated that in total, 4,500 tons of furniture which could still be used are thrown away in the county each year.

The county council is supporting the Surrey Re-use Network (SRN). Made up of local charities, the SRN finds new homes for donated furniture and kitchen appliances by selling them at affordable prices.

Rather than spending hundreds of pounds in a high street store, through the SRN, people can buy cots from £20, beds from £30, sofas from £45, and a four-piece table and chairs from £50.

John Furey, Surrey County Council’s cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “Buying furniture and appliances from your local re-use charity is a great way to give your home a facelift, while helping the environment as it saves items from being thrown away.”

As well as selling the furniture and kitchen appliances, the SRN supports families in need, and provides work opportunities and training for local people.

Adrian Collins, chairman of the SRN, said: “In the last year alone, the SRN has provided affordable household goods to more than 5,000 low income families, and helped more than 200 long-term unemployed and disadvantaged people with volunteering and work placements.”

For locations, to arrange a collection or for more information about the SRN, call 0800 082 0180 or visit its website at: www.surreyreusenetwork.org.uk