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Search tips

To help you find the most relevant jobs we recommend you take full advantage of all the search options we provide. The basic options are Keywords, Location and Distance.

Keywords are a list of individual words or phrases that might appear in jobs listed on this website, either in the job title or the job description. By typing in a list of keywords that are related to the job you are looking for, you can refine the list of relevant jobs you see.

Keywords can include, job title (e.g. Administration assistant), skills (e.g. HTML), qualifications (e.g. NVQ level) or individual words (e.g. marketing). You can also add exact words/phrases. These should be typed in quotations marks e.g. "School Teacher". Please note the more keywords you add, the fewer results you will see delivered, if you have been too specific please revise the keywords used.

By adding a Location and Distance from the location, you can refine the list of relevant jobs even further to make sure the jobs you see are also in the postcode/town where you want to work.


  • Keywords: Marketing Manager, CIMA qualified, project management, sponsorship responsibility
  • Location: SN1
  • Distance: 20 miles

When this search is carried out you will see a list of jobs located within a 20 mile radius of postcode SN1 that contain all of the keywords ‘Marketing Manager, CIMA qualified, project management, sponsorship responsibility’.